#HealthyHolidayParty with #AbsolutHoppr

The holidays are a time for cheer and also a time to go a bit off your healthy living ways. But hey, all in the nature of fun, right?! I’ve teamed up with Absolut and Absolut Hoppr to put together my own type of holiday party, which includes healthy cocktails and light bites.

If you’re not familiar, #AbsolutHoppr is a mobile site that allows people in NYC to find festive parties in their neighborhood and is a great way to meet new people and celebrate the holidays with friends, and friends of friends! You can check it out for yourself here: http://absolutvodka.to/Hoppr

For my own Absolut Hoppr-approved holiday bash, I whipped up some festive red and green cocktails that are as delicious as they are photo-worthy! See below for the recipes, cheers!

Green Juice Cocktail
1 oz of Hu Kitchen’s Green Guardian Juice
2 oz Absolut Elektrik Vodka
1 oz Sprite
Juice of half of a lemon

Beet Juice Cocktail
1 oz of Hu Kitchen’s Heart Beets Juice
1-inch piece fresh ginger peeled and sliced
2 oz Absolut Elektrik Vodka
2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice

    Fill cocktail shaker with ice
    Combine all ingredients
    Shake and strain

This post is in partnership with Absolut. Happy holidays and remember to always Drink Responsibly.


pants: golda leggings @ karma
top: beatrix tank @ karma
sneakers: ny slip on sneakers @ jonathan saunders
jacket: alala bomber jacket @ bandier

karma is a brand i was only recently introduced to but absolutely adore! based in vancouver, karma offers innovative and fashionable pieces from leggings, to tops, to accessories. i especially love these sheer panel leggings and mesh back tank, they hold up great during a workout but also transition easily to a post-sweat look when paired with a simple bomber jacket. 

photography by hallie geller // #hbgphotography


pants: olympia
tank: theory
chambray top: rails
watch: the fifth watches
sneakers: chuck taylor

my obsession with matcha is real. aside from the delicious taste, matcha tea has benefits that exceed traditional green tea. the main difference is when you drink matcha, you ingest the entire leaf and receive 100% of the nutrients which translates to over 130 times more antioxidants. this vibrant green drink boasts health benefits that range from detoxification to calming effects on the mind and body all while boosting metabolism and burning calories. one thing i don't love about matcha is the process of making it, it requires a few "tools" and not super easy for a girl on the go. enter: david's tea matcha maker: a total game changer in taking my matcha love to the next level! this thermos is genius and makes it easy to have matcha on the road. it's so easy, all you do is add the powder, warm water and shake it up. handy is an understatement! cheers!
ps:  these photos with me holding coffee were taken before my matcha maker arrived :)



vest: alala @ bandier (similar)
tank: unisex tank @ american apparel 
shots: the upside @ bandier
sneakers: airmax 90 og @ nike
photography by hallie geller

something people constantly ask me is what healthy snacks are my favorite. i'm a big fan of healthy granola bars and always turn to ones with low sugar and wholesome ingredients.
*ginnybars // the apricot flavor is divine. i love the mix of fruit and nuts and seeds, makes for a great pre-workout snack!
*macrobars // these come in small sizes and are a must-have for busy days on the road. my favorite flavors are cashew butter and apple and walnuts.
*kindbars // a bit higher in sugar but packs a nutritional, antioxidant rich punch. i love the dark chocolate cherry cashew flavor, it's such a treat!



romper: supinity retreat jumpsuit @ sweaty betty
sneakers: stan smith originals @ adidas

it's no secret there is nothing i love more than discovering multi-use products. i was recently introduced to the sphynx travel razor and my mind. was. blown. this tiny little device could be one of the coolest things i've ever seen. when i first opened it, i'll admit - i had no clue how to use it. but after a quick tutorial video, i learned how this beauty must-have works. easy as pie: open it, and spin the giant S to reveal: a water spritzer, shea butter soap bar and 2 razor blades. whether you are traveling (or on the go, as it's perfect to throw into your gym bag) or don't have a ton of room in your shower for all types of shaving tools, creams and such... the sphynx is something you need to own - asap. trust me on this one!



top: sundry @ bandier (similar styles)
sneakers: custom stan smiths @ miadidas
pants: outdoor voices @ bandier
jacket: track jacket @ adidas  (similar styles)
photography by hallie geller // #hbgphotography

i couldn't be more excited to be going to the women's world cup in vancouver this week as part of adidas' #bethedifference campaign! you can follow me on this once in a lifetime experience on instagram (@athleisurely) where i'll be sharing all the fun activities in store! from seeing my first ever soccer game where the us women play nigeria to biking the city of vancouver and beach bbq's, i've been looking forward to this for weeks! ok more to come later, brb, need to go pack!



pants: lace legging @ peony & me
shirt: alala killer crop top @ bandier
vest: full zip vest @ zobha
bracelets: mara by mara
photography by hallie geller // #hbgphotography

in the spirit of summer travel, i'm excited to share another favorite summer staple! i was lucky enough to score a few samples of tatcha's cult products and it was love at first sight... touch and smell! with a few trips on the horizon, i've been on the hunt a multi-use products that pack a punch. i love the indigo soothing renewal treatment for it's sensitive skin-appeal. it's also great for minor cuts and blemishes! another travel must-have is the dewy skin mist, an easy-to-carry spritz that packs a seriously hydrating and glow-enhancing punch.



// look good
pants: heroine sport @ bandier
tank: the upside muscle tank (similar)
jacket: alala mesh bomber jacket @ bandier
sunglasses: round flash @ rayban
photography by hallie geller // #hbgphotography

// feel great
it's no secret i am a huge fan of coconut oil for everything - cooking, skin, hair, nails, you name it. extra virgin coconut oil has a ton of uses from a moisturizer to a teeth whitener and it's even a natural sunscreen. with summer officially underway and weekend travel plans in effect, the hunt for portable and easy-to-transport beauty products is on... and leave it to one of my favorite brands, carrington farms to now offer extra virgin coconut oil in portable packs. brb, currently adding this to my list of things to never leave home without!

// listen well



pants: prism sport yoga leggings @ bandier
hoodie: outdoor voices catch me if you can hoodie @ bandier
sneakers: nike sky high liquid metal pack @ nike (similar via google)
<photography by hallie geller // #hbgphotography>

may is national fitness month, bet you didn't know that! in honor of this month (and it almost being bikini season), with each post i am going to share a favorite workout tip. what better way to start then with what i do before every good sweat sesh... stretch. stretching could easily be one of my favorite ways to detox and decompress but also wake up and prepare. 

stretching improves appearance by lengthening muscles but also is the ultimate for preventing injuries. additionally, stretching is a great warmup (or cool down!) as it helps to improve muscle / mind coordination, prevent soreness and fatigue and promote a faster recovery. it's a vital part of physical fitness and extremely important when setting fitness goals.

when stretching, i always try to do a stretch for at least 10 seconds, or 5 big breaths. i start either with my head//neck or feet//ankles and work my way through your body. it's an easy way to hit every major muscle group. when stretching, always remember you don't aim for pain; expect tension but don't over exert (or bounce!) to the point of extreme discomfort. take the extra few minutes, it's important! now you tell me... what stretches are your go-to?